Deadline Extended – Creative Projects Call 2013 For Entries

Deadline extended to April 21th

Have you considered the VisCom Division’s “Creative Projects” competition? It’s an excellent opportunity to have your efforts recognized by peers in a juried forum. You would present the work at the national AEJMC convention in Washington DC, Aug. 8-11.

What gets submitted and accepted? The format is non-restrictive, but an entry must include a strong visual component. Accepted projects in the past have included historical studies, photojournalism exhibits of original work, book proposals or published work, explanations of summer grants or activities, creative DVDs, commentaries on teaching effectiveness, and examples of innovative student projects and accomplishments. Your submission should include a one-to-two page explanation of the work, stressing its significance to the study of visual journalism. Did you receive outside support? Does the project examine cutting-edge technology that will enhance your teaching abilities? How does this project fit in with your own interests and goals as a visual educator? Normally there are about 15 submissions and five are selected for 15-minute presentations.

Internet access is not guaranteed at the conference, therefore you must show your work via a CD, laptop, thumb drive, etc. A computer projector will be provided on-site.

To submit your project, package four copies of it into four individual 9”x12” envelopes. Large and unusually shaped packages present handling issues. For example, instead of submitting an elaborate 11”x14” leather-bound portfolio of archival photographs, send 8.5”x11” inkjet or laser prints stapled together. Instead of tubes with large rolled posters announcing your film course’s festival, send 8.5”x11” versions. Also, if submitting CDs, use cross-platform common programs. Links to a web site displaying the work or an emailed PDF will also be acceptable.

In one larger package, send your four envelopes (three copies without any identification) to the creative projects chair (see below for mailing instructions). On the cover sheet of the fourth copy, include your name, title, complete contact information (email, phone numbers) and a 75-word abstract summarizing the project.

Links and PDFs with abstract can be sent to the email address below.

Submitted material will not be returned.

Please note: You cannot enter creative projects in any other convention category,

including “Best of the Web”

The postmark deadline is Sunday, April 21th. Notification will be emailed to all applicants by May 31st.

Vis Comm Creative Projects Chair

  • Quint Randle, BYU
  • Department of Communications
  • 322 BRMB
  • Provo, UT 84602-2501
  • 801-422-1694

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